‘In cases of violence, everyone is affected’

IN cases of violence, one must remember that no one becomes the ultimate winner because in one way or the other, everyone is affected.

These were the sentiments of Fiji Council of Churches general secretary Manasa Vatanitawake in regards to the brawl between youths of Mead Rd housing and Sukanaivalu Rd in Nabua during the Easter weekend.

“While the event is a stand-alone one, it is rather sad that it has happened during a special day in our Christian faith calendar,” he said.

“It is for sure that church leaders from the Nabua and nearby communities are looking into this to see how they can contribute and also making the safety of other vulnerable groups their priority.”

He said the council wished to reaffirm, not only in the spiritual sense but at a very personal understanding, that “good, kindness, care and love always triumphs over evil”.

“This is the true meaning of this time (Easter), Christ’s triumph over death directs each and everyone to overcome bitterness with grace, to overcome hurt with healing, grudges and quarrel with understanding and dialogue, sadness with joy and disapproval and discomfort with kindness and gratitude.”